Our passion to recruit fortifies our ability to deliver.

MedSource_MissionThe US healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented changes  The reforms of the Affordable Care Act, greater consumer choice, public and private exchanges, and new technology are all upending operating business models.  While it is essential that we grow and develop as the healthcare industry does, one thing remains constant and that is our commitment to delivering service with integrity, quality, and professionalism.  Embarking on two decades of exceptional service, Medsource Consultants endures as the nation’s premier search firm for physicians and advanced practice professionals.

We approach the needs of our clients, physicians, and advanced practice professionals with the same enthusiasm we have for building our own top-notch team.  We credit our unparalleled success to the clients and practitioners we serve, and the valuable consulting team we nurture.  With our skillful group, we can stay abreast of current demand trends in healthcare, recommend proven strategies for recruitment and retention, and understand the organizational culture of our clients along with the nuances and vision for each opportunity we represent.  By doing so, we are enabled to develop long-term, mutually rewarding relationships where we can enhance the careers of the very best practitioners while also positively impacting healthcare entities and the enriching their communities.   

Month By Month Guide To Finding A Job After Residency