MedSource Consultants® Testimonials

"This letter is written in reference to Laurie Bernegger of MedSource Consultants. We have now worked with Ms. Bernegger for over four years. She has been active in helping us recruit faculty to the department of Radiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Our relationship and interaction with Ms. Bernegger has always been outstanding. She has been extremely helpful in acquiring top quality candidates for our institution and puts forth considerable effort to understand our individual and special needs. She has been successful in placing several candidates with us. In fact, her work has resulted in the highest level of placed candidates of any recruiting agency. I recommend her highly and without reservation."

Tim McCowan MD Professor and Chairman Radiology

"My association with Ian Wait has been outstanding. He has referred top quality candidates that would be good fits for our institution. Ian has been responsive and extremely helpful in his recruitment efforts. Of note, he has also been successful in placing several candidates with us. I recommend Ian Wait of MedSource Consultants highly and without reservation."

David Feiglin, MD

“I have always found Kathryn to be professional, efficient and responsive to our needs. Unlike other recruiters that I have worked with, she paid close attention to our job description and only presented candidates that fit out stringent requirements. I never felt that she wasted my time or sent me sub-par candidates. She was always honest with me if she was present a candidate that was not ideal, but that she thought we might want to meet. With Kathryn’s candidates there were never any surprises.”

Carleen Giles, Project Manager

"I would like to take the opportunity to discuss the wonderful experience I have had with MedSource Consultants in general and Steve Weiss in particular.  I have Medsource to thank for my first job, right out of residency.  The company placed me in an excellent position in 2005, and I have been with this job up until now.  As we all know, times change, and I had made a decision in January of 2012 to search for a different position.

I contacted Steve Weiss via e-mail in early February about a position in the area.  He contacted me immediately, and asked exactly what I was looking for.  After taking the information, he contacted me the next day with 5 potential employment opportunities in my area that offered exactly what I wanted.  He stated his goal was to get me as many offers as possible and allow me to choose which was the best one for me.

I found Steve to be very friendly and easy to speak with on the phone.  He was diligent and worked especially hard to find the right "fit" for me.  As energetic and enthusiastic as he was, I never felt pressured.  He made it very clear that he had my best interests in mind.  With Steve's guidance, I was able to find an excellent position in my area that offered all that I was looking for.  I signed the contract within eight days of the initial contact with my future employer.

Without Steve's guidance, I know I would have felt overwhelmed with the entire process.  Unfortunately, in medical school, we are not taught enough about the business aspect of medicine.  With Steve's help, I felt "taken care of" throughout the entire process.  Many times he offered advice on topics to discuss with my potential employers, many of which were crucial to the process.

Thank you very much for all of the wonderful help, and I have already referred several colleagues to MedSource Consultants."

Randall Orr, MD (Psychiatrist) 

"My work with MedSource Consultants was a tremendously gratifying experience. As a new graduate just out of training, they were excellent in providing the assistance I needed in navigating my search. The consultants were diligent and consistently remained on task. Most importantly, we found a position that was the best fit for me. Having MedSource Consultants on board made this very important transition easier and pleasurable." 

Kevin Brown, MD (Neurologist)

"I spoke with many recruiting firms and MedSource Consultants stood out far beyond the rest. They offered the best service and team of recruiters in the business. My rep was knowledgeable, honest, and responsible. I felt like she was constantly looking out for my best interest. She helped me to get over this job-hunting season and found the perfect job for me." 

Kaiyu Ma, MD (Neurologist)

"My rep at MedSource provided a high level of interest in both me and the health system I joined. She was instrumental in negotiating an improved contract that encouraged the parties on both sides of the negotiation. She had a sophisticated but courteous persistence in accomplishing a firm and reasonable agreement, and continued to exhibit interest in the completion of details and the well-being of me and my family.  It continues to be a pleasure to work with her!" 

David Knierim, MD (Neurosurgeon)

"MedSource Consultants is a firm that stands apart from the rest!  They spent quality time discussing the family's needs and were able to present unparalleled radiology positions.  I was awed by their assiduousness and ability to remain impartial while I searched for opportunities on my own. They found me better suited opportunities and in prime locations. Furthermore, their team played an integral role in negotiating very competitive offers from clients, and ultimately helped land my dream job." 

Albert Chang, MD (Neuro-radiologist)

"My rep at MedSource is singularly the most dedicated and helpful recruiter I've encountered. I've dealt with many other recruiters that were nothing more than glorified used car salesmen, leaving you with a gritty residue of pushiness and neglect. My MedSource rep is a shining beacon, consistently demonstrating her astuteness which is genuinely unmatched in this field.  MedSource delivers a quality of service I would not hesitate to recommend." 

Brent Prosser, MD (Gastroenterologist)

"My experience with MedSource Consultants has been extremely positive. They maintained contact with me over the course of several years after having assisted me in one job placement and another search at a later point in my career. They are always pleasant, professional and timely in returning calls.  When I have needed to explore employment options, my first call has been to MedSource!" 

Anne Davidson, MD (Psychiatrist)

"MedSource has worked patiently with me over the past year to secure a position that suited my many asked for requirements.  They worked around many delays on my part and kept in communication.  Phone calls, questions and communication with the many parties involved was prompt and professional.  I would definitely recommend their services to colleagues."   

Susan Frederikson, MD (Psychiatrist)

"It is my absolute privilege to describe my rewarding experiences with Sue Springer during my pursuit of employment after graduating from residency.  Ms. Springer was given the difficult task of finding a job for me that was appropriate for my family’s financial needs and that also suited my wife’s narrow geographical desires."

"Ms. Springer is an exceptional recruiter.  She was always professional, upbeat and never made me feel like I was a burden to her when calling.  She always promptly returned my phone calls and catered to my very specific requests-requests that would often change from week to week.  She never revealed any frustration with me but consistently incorporated my latest changes to my job search."

"I recommend her with the highest of confidence.  I know that she has the motivation, compassion and intelligence that will continue to allow her to be an asset to physicians who are moving to the next step in their career."

Gerhardt Wagner, MD Ph.D.

"As I began my role as Physician Recruiters at the beginning of the year, this position was new to me.  Fortunately, our organization had a contract with MedSource and Bob Miller was my contact.  I am so pleased that I had someone as helpful, considerate and knowledgeable as Bob."

"Early on, I admitted to him that since I was new at this, I could really use his help.  During my telephone conversations with Bob he has always been upbeat and personable and in a way, he has been my “physician recruiter mentor.”  I have learned a lot from him."

"Throughout the time we were trying to recruit a primary care physician, Bob presented us with our top three candidates that he had well screened for our needs.  He understood our needs, wants and expectations prior to submitting a candidate.  He kept in constant contact with me and helped guide me as we moved forward with our candidates.  We successfully recruited a primary care physician for our hospital and she is doing great."

"I admire his blend of professionalism and ability to connect with me during our physician recruiting process.  He is a wonderful person who excels at this job, and I am honored that I have the opportunity to work with him."

Tricia Massey
Marketing Director, Northridge Medical Center

"Mark Liebman has been incredibly helpful in my search for a new Psychiatry opportunity.  I really don’t know how he ever kept his calm and collected, and very kind, manner! Sometimes I’d be looking for jobs in the Midwest, sometimes in Connecticut, sometimes in New York City or surrounding areas. There were so many family considerations that made my job search extensive and complicated."

"Honestly, Mark Liebman has been not just someone who was trying to find me a job, but someone who knew more about me than I have most of the time.  He could make great suggestions and sometimes I chose to pursue them, other times not. He didn’t take my behavior personally.  He just stayed there online as my trusted go-to person when it came to psychiatric jobs." 

"He would also send cute cartoons about the medical field, which always made me laugh and realize that I wasn’t alone in this crazy world of medicine and psychiatry.  His reassurance, his availability, his knowledge of the geographic regions in which I was looking, have been wonderful!"

"I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his empathy and understanding of the fact that a professional move impacts so many things in someone’s life; their family relationships, their time schedules, etc.  Mark has always understood of all these things." 

Susan Daly, MD (Psychiatrist)

"As a new graduate with zero experience, my experience with MedSource Consultants was simply satisfying. Kelsey Healy was outstanding in providing the support I needed in landing me at the right and very gratifying job. She worked hard and long to ensure I got what I wanted (in addition to what I needed). She was meticulous and consistently stayed on top of things. I found Kelsey very pleasant and easy to communicate with as well as very prompt in responding to me. Many times, I felt overwhelmed during the process, but she dedicated her energy and enthusiasm to make me understand I should never feel “pressured” about anything. Needless to say, I am a semi-recruiter now for MedSource Consultants by telling all my colleagues who to call for assistance in landing the right job."

Paula Christian, NP

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