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Start the Conversation: Mental Health Wellness in the Workplace for Physicians

Posted by Dawn Pascale 7, November, 2018

Once considered among the ultimate taboos, open discussions about mental health – particularly in the workplace – were typically likened to the professional equivalent of discussing religion or politics at the dinner table. However, with greater awareness and shifts in cultural attitudes about the nature and scope of mental illness, discussions around mental health and emotional well-being are gaining more attention.

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10 Questions Physicians Must Ask When Considering A Counter-Offer

Posted by Dawn Pascale 31, October, 2018

You’re coming down the home stretch. You’ve received an excellent offer for a new job opportunity, and it’s time to tender your resignation. Assuredly, you walk into your current administrator’s office to give notice, expecting a moment of panic and perhaps a brief handshake wishing you well. What you didn’t expect was an implausible counter-offer. Now what?! Pundits say the best way to handle a counter-offer is to decline it. We feel it’s not always that black and white. Career decisions are complex, not simple, and it’s impossible to make the right one with imperfect information or unclear guidelines.

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Turning the Tables – Best Questions Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Should Ask An Interviewer

Posted by Dawn Pascale 17, October, 2018

You swore it wouldn’t, couldn’t happen again. You asked all the questions that clearly explained the compensation package, the on-call schedule and the day to day responsibilities.

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How Much Did That Bad Hire Just Cost You? We’ll Tell You.

Posted by Dawn Pascale 10, October, 2018

In Good to Great, Jim Collins states, “The most important decisions that employers make are not what decisions, but who decisions.”  In an era where healthcare entities struggle to turn a profit, costs associated with one bad who is more than you might think.    

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Why Are Hospitals Losing Millions?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 19, September, 2018

To the surprise of many, some of the biggest brands in healthcare delivery are experiencing record declines in their operating revenues. The utilization of healthcare by patients is at an all-time high in the United States and yet some of the nation’s largest hospitals are experiencing income losses in the hundreds of millions. Large healthcare organizations such as Partners HealthCare, based in New England, lost $108 million in 2017, Providence St. Joseph Health, the nation’s second largest Catholic health system, suffered $512 million drop in operating income in 2016 and the Cleveland Clinic saw a 71 percent decline in income that same year. So, why, with such high patient volume and demand, are hospitals still losing money?

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