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Why Are Hospitals Losing Millions?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 19, September, 2018

To the surprise of many, some of the biggest brands in healthcare delivery are experiencing record declines in their operating revenues. The utilization of healthcare by patients is at an all-time high in the United States and yet some of the nation’s largest hospitals are experiencing income losses in the hundreds of millions. Large healthcare organizations such as Partners HealthCare, based in New England, lost $108 million in 2017, Providence St. Joseph Health, the nation’s second largest Catholic health system, suffered $512 million drop in operating income in 2016 and the Cleveland Clinic saw a 71 percent decline in income that same year. So, why, with such high patient volume and demand, are hospitals still losing money?

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How Much Revenue Does a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Generate?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 18, September, 2018

Considering an NP hire but unsure of the return on that investment?  When looking at the value-add of NPs to the bottom line, the results are extremely positive. A recent report by MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) found that primary care practices with a non-physician provider-to-physician ratio of 0.41 or greater earned over $100,000 more annually in revenue.

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Harnessing the Power of Patient-Driven Data in Healthcare

Posted by Dawn Pascale 8, August, 2018

Imagine a model of healthcare that’s always available and driven by data, so you’re continuously collecting data from your body, about your environment, your nutrition, and activity and delivering back to you a personalized healthcare program throughout your entire life. Then, imagine having access to a global network of health experts.

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A Checklist to Help Healthcare Organizations Streamline Credentialing

Posted by Dawn Pascale 31, July, 2018

As healthcare systems look to woo physicians and advanced practice professionals, achieving a seamless process in the credentialing department is paramount. Hospitals are finding an increase in provider related denials as well as frustration amongst providers and staff. The stakes are higher than ever before. In this industry, the speed of placement is essential, and any inefficiency in this division, you are probably losing candidates and revenue to your competition.

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The Hospital I Work for Just Merged: What Should I Do Now?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 24, July, 2018

The rate of mergers and acquisitions in the last year is downright dizzying. Some say they are up there with death and taxes as M&A activity amongst hospitals and healthcare systems has become one of life’s certainties. Ever since the passage of the ACA in 2010, the rate of M&A has risen by 70 percent, with this increase mostly attributed to payment cuts. In 2017, “an unprecedented 115 hospitals and health system transactions were announced.”

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