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Going Out of Business: Healthcare Bankruptcies and Financial Concerns on the Rise and Growing

Posted by Dawn Pascale 3, July, 2018

Last year healthcare bankruptcy filings more than tripled according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The rate of bankruptcies for companies worth more than $1 million in assets also reached a record high.

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Five Critical Skills of Great Leaders: Making a Transformational Impact

Posted by Dawn Pascale 27, April, 2018

When you look back and consider which leaders had the greatest influence in your life, do you seek ways to emulate their abilities? Great leaders are rarely forgotten; as you move up the corporate ladder, you’ll want to be on the lookout for those same qualities that can help make your own leadership extraordinary. Many characteristics exist that can help define what skills are needed to lead effectively, but the following critical attributes will separate a good leader from a great one.

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Writing Cover Letters that Count

Posted by Dawn Pascale 3, January, 2018

Despite what you may think, it is a well-written cover letter – not your resume – that will single-handedly increase your potential for more job interviews. Yes, they do get read, and often, the cover letter will determine if your CV commands consideration.

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Is the Doctor Out? The 3 Major Challenges Affecting Independent Practitioners in 2017

Posted by Dawn Pascale 27, February, 2017

It was a dream of Dr. Brian Ackerman to hang a shingle. Immediately after residency, he did what most physicians do – he opened an independent practice.  For a while, things were great: patient satisfaction helped him persevere as he navigated years of technology innovation, reimbursement mechanisms, the Affordable Care Act, as well as new federal mandates for Electronic Medical Records and MACRA compliancy.   However, the increasing complexity of running an independent practice was taking its toll. The pressures exerted by the system to deliver cost-effective care became impossible to sustain.

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APP to MD: Is it Right for You?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 11, November, 2015

As an Advanced Practice Professional, you’ve spent years of hard work getting to this point.  Undergraduate and graduate school, board exams, clinical rotations; now – finally – you’re employed in one of the most respected capacities in healthcare.  This is a remarkable accomplishment. 

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