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Improving Patient Outcomes with Medical Homes

Posted by Dawn Pascale 21, July, 2014

The mantra of medical facilities across the nation has become: Improve care.  Improve health.  Lower costs.

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Healthcare Recruiting and Accountable Care Organizations

Posted by Dawn Pascale 11, July, 2014

With the current transition facing the healthcare industry based on the influence of the affordable care act, the need for plans and systems to reduce costs and improve the quality of care are higher than ever before. 

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Metrics-Driven Healthcare

Posted by Dawn Pascale 19, June, 2014

Healthcare providers of today are facing operational challenges unlike any they have encountered before as sweeping healthcare reform initiatives are bringing forth a myriad of new obstacles. 

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Healthcare Reimbursement Based On Quality Outcomes

Posted by Dawn Pascale 5, June, 2014

Necessary. Life-saving. Wellness. All terminology and codes for health care sought by consumers and covered by insurers. 

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The Impact of Nurse Practitioner Legislation on Your Organization

Posted by Dawn Pascale 21, May, 2014

As most medical practices are aware, there is a dynamic shift taking place in the landscape of service providers. 

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