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Blockchain, Bitcoin, EHRs – oh my!

Posted by Matt Brewster 26, September, 2018

2018 was the year of bitcoin. Over the year, prices for bitcoin hit historic highs and fell just as fast as they rose, leaving many cryptocurrency investors (also known as gamblers) very unhappy.

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Extra Incentives to Increase Your Hospital Staff’s Career Satisfaction

Posted by Matt Brewster 17, July, 2018

In today’s low unemployment market, hiring and retaining medical staff is a challenging task. For healthcare systems and hospitals, the standard strategies of retaining staff by providing competitive pay and benefits are no longer enough. In such a tight labor market, employers need to get creative to retain staff and provide them with the type of career satisfaction that leads them to stay active and engaged.

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4 Strategies for Recruiting Physicians to Rural Practices

Posted by Matt Brewster 1, August, 2014

Health professions workforce shortages are exacerbated in rural areas, where communities struggle to attract and keep well-trained clinicians. 

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Ideal Physician Candidate Has Accepted Your Job: Now What?

Posted by Matt Brewster 9, June, 2014

A deal has finally been made. After months of detailed discussions and interviews, the candidate that you were determined to land finally signed the agreement.

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Successful Healthcare Recruiting: A Two-Way Street

Posted by Matt Brewster 12, May, 2014

Have you ever turned your car onto a one way street and realized you are heading in the wrong direction?  It’s not a good feeling.

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