8 Tips for an Optimal Healthcare Recruiting Process

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 17, October, 2016

ButDoctor Silva…” The stunned talent acquisition managers could not believe their ears.  “This is difficult for us to understand.  We are aware of your concerns and—while the hiring process at our facility is hardly perfect—we were close to an agreement!  What changed?

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Why Culture is Critically Important to Healthcare Job Seekers

Posted by Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP-BC 4, October, 2016

As a nurse practitioner, I’m bombarded with job opportunities. If I’m not being tweeted at, emailed, or called by a recruiter on a given day, I expect a postcard in the mail. Otherwise, I might start to think the zombie apocalypse has arrived. I’m quite fortunate to have chosen a high-demand career, but sometimes the number of potential opportunities can be overwhelming.

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­­­What Residents Want: A Call to Residency Program Directors

Posted by Eric Beam, M.D. 15, September, 2016

The air is rife with eager anticipation as young, budding physicians prepare for making a real difference.  It’s that time of year again—when thousands of fourth-year medical students traverse the country in search of a residency program that will make them into the doctors they dream of being. It’s a time when everyone puts their best foot forward. Students in neatly pressed suits and polished shoes tour gleaming ICUs while their resident guides boast of this or that cutting-edge technology, research breakthrough, or a renowned faculty member. 

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The Evolution of Healthcare in the 21st Century

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 17, August, 2016

The ambulance is speeding towards the hospital, sirens blaring and horn yelling for cars to pull aside.  It is becoming increasingly obvious: they’re not going to make it.  The clinicians working in the back—including a nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant—are monitoring the patient’s vitals while a surgeon offers input from a real-time telemedicine monitor inside the vehicle. 

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Nurse Practitioners & Physicians in Primary Care: A Dynamic Duo

Posted by Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP-BC 6, April, 2016

Both nurse practitioners and physicians provide high-quality, expert primary care services to patients across the United States. Day to day, they work together for the betterment of their patients; however, sometimes hidden agendas from large political groups can create an uncomfortable and unnecessary rift between this dynamic duo. 

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