2016 Telehealth Trends for Nurse Practitioners

Posted by Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP-BC 10, February, 2016

The 40 years of telemedicine research coupled with the growing momentum for patient-centered care has created the perfect storm for an explosion of digital health innovation.  Nurse practitioners wanting to stay on the forefront of emerging technologies should anticipate exciting changes in 2016 including new legislation, disruptive startup companies, and creative products. This article reviews important milestones from the telehealth industry in 2015 and forecasts upcoming trends relevant to the modern nurse practitioner.  

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Integrating Healthcare, Why it's Important

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 26, January, 2016

After receiving a diagnosis of infertility, a young woman commits suicide. Privately, she had been struggling with overwhelming despair - but her primary care physician had no idea. Despite the doctor’s good intentions, he was not trained to recognize or treat the depression that ultimately cost the young woman her life. Could suicide have been prevented if the doctor or someone on his team had been trained to address the young woman’s depression? He thought so.

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APP to MD: Is it Right for You?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 11, November, 2015

As an Advanced Practice Professional, you’ve spent years of hard work getting to this point.  Undergraduate and graduate school, board exams, clinical rotations; now – finally – you’re employed in one of the most respected capacities in healthcare.  This is a remarkable accomplishment. 

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Physician, Know Thyself: 5 Signs of Burnout

Posted by Dawn Pascale 12, October, 2015

Phones are ringing off the hook at the front desk – the receptionist is reminding you of all the messages you need to return by this afternoon.  You see patients filling the waiting room, glancing at their mobile devices and tapping their feet.  Sighing with frustration, you just want to go home to see your family, but unfortunately, you are on call this week. 

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How Will Mobile Technology Impact the Future of Healthcare?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 10, September, 2015

A physician arriving at work is greeted by the following message:

“Hi, doc. I need to cancel my appointment.  I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure using my Apple Watch and it looks like it’s back to normal.  Honestly, I think I was stressed about the big presentation I had to give yesterday!”

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