The Impact of a Hospital Merger and Acquisitions on Personnel and Hiring

Posted by Jim Fitzgibbons 24, May, 2018

The business of medicine is dynamic and under constant revenue assault. Government and private insurance remittances are declining in the “pay-for-procedure” revenue models. Years ago, survival instincts were catalyzed, as moderate sized private practices gobbled up sole practitioners. Regional practices bought moderately sized practices. Hospitals raided private practices to eliminate competition from specialists who were in private practice but utilized the hospital’s facilities. Hospitals began merging with other hospitals. Large national hospital groups began rapidly adding specialty hospitals to optimize their “portfolio.”

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Five Critical Skills of Great Leaders: Making a Transformational Impact

Posted by Dawn Pascale 27, April, 2018

When you look back and consider which leaders had the greatest influence in your life, do you seek ways to emulate their abilities? Great leaders are rarely forgotten; as you move up the corporate ladder, you’ll want to be on the lookout for those same qualities that can help make your own leadership extraordinary. Many characteristics exist that can help define what skills are needed to lead effectively, but the following critical attributes will separate a good leader from a great one.

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Writing Cover Letters that Count

Posted by Dawn Pascale 3, January, 2018

Despite what you may think, it is a well-written cover letter – not your resume – that will single-handedly increase your potential for more job interviews. Yes, they do get read, and often, the cover letter will determine if your CV commands consideration.

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Planning in Uncertainty: Examining the Future of Federal Loan Repayment

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 6, December, 2017

For all student borrowers, including medical students, any unpredictability in addressing student loan repayment amplifies the challenges of a difficult (and sometimes unclear) situation. When considering the future of federal debt repayment programs under the current US Administration, it's important to follow the current and future climate concerning student loan repayment programs. 

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Interview-Winning Medical CV Best Practices

Posted by MedSource Consultants 21, September, 2017

By Rebecca Hayward and Dawn Pascale

To understand the weight a compelling Curriculum Vitae has, one must put themselves in the shoes of a prospective employer. Let’s follow the mindset of Laura, hiring authority for a large med-surge hospital.

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