Healthcare Reimbursement Based On Quality Outcomes

Posted by Dawn Pascale 5, June, 2014

Necessary. Life-saving. Wellness. All terminology and codes for health care sought by consumers and covered by insurers. 

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The Impact of Nurse Practitioner Legislation on Your Organization

Posted by Dawn Pascale 21, May, 2014

As most medical practices are aware, there is a dynamic shift taking place in the landscape of service providers. 

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Successful Healthcare Recruiting: A Two-Way Street

Posted by Matt Brewster 12, May, 2014

Have you ever turned your car onto a one way street and realized you are heading in the wrong direction?  It’s not a good feeling.

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Using Technology To Recruit Medical Millennials

Posted by Dawn Pascale 6, May, 2014

A study conducted by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation found that 75% of the workforce will be dominated by the Millennial generation by the year 2025. 

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The Passive Physician Candidate: The 86 Percent Solution

Posted by Bob Miller 30, April, 2014

Here is the gist of what you will really like about the most qualified physician candidates you may never meet. They are employed and performing at the top of their game. 

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