JP Morgan’s 2018 Conference Insights That Healthcare Organizations Should be Considering

Posted by Steven Haggerty, HealthCare Strategist and CPA 13, June, 2018

In 1983, J.P. Morgan created Wall Street’s leading investor conference focused on healthcare. Now, 35 years later, the event is the premier healthcare investment symposium in the industry.

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Six Sigma: Optimizing Efficiency in Healthcare

Posted by Robyn Earley, MA, CCC-SLP 8, February, 2017

The growing healthcare organization realized that it had a big problem. The senior leadership team needed to strengthen the organization's market share by increasing participation in ACO’s and other shared savings initiatives. One of the key metrics requested by potential partners was data on patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, the organization struggled to get a statistically significant number of surveys back from discharged patients. How would the company address this issue?

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An Evolution of Mental Health Care - the Future of Medical Legislation in America

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 10, January, 2017

Historically, stigma has been associated with most mental disorders.  Until recently, accessing comprehensive mental health care may have been nearly impossible, further compounding the difficulty of treatment.  On July 6th, 2016, the House of Representatives passed a groundbreaking bill to tackle federal policies on serious mental illness, signifying that the U.S government is beginning to address the very real implications of mental illness. 

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The Evolution of Healthcare in the 21st Century

Posted by Rebecca Parrino 17, August, 2016

The ambulance is speeding towards the hospital, sirens blaring and horn yelling for cars to pull aside.  It is becoming increasingly obvious: they’re not going to make it.  The clinicians working in the back—including a nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant—are monitoring the patient’s vitals while a surgeon offers input from a real-time telemedicine monitor inside the vehicle. 

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