The Hospital I Work for Just Merged: What Should I Do Now?

Posted by Dawn Pascale 24, July, 2018

The rate of mergers and acquisitions in the last year is downright dizzying. Some say they are up there with death and taxes as M&A activity amongst hospitals and healthcare systems has become one of life’s certainties. Ever since the passage of the ACA in 2010, the rate of M&A has risen by 70 percent, with this increase mostly attributed to payment cuts. In 2017, “an unprecedented 115 hospitals and health system transactions were announced.”

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The Impact of a Hospital Merger and Acquisitions on Personnel and Hiring

Posted by Jim Fitzgibbons 24, May, 2018

The business of medicine is dynamic and under constant revenue assault. Government and private insurance remittances are declining in the “pay-for-procedure” revenue models. Years ago, survival instincts were catalyzed, as moderate sized private practices gobbled up sole practitioners. Regional practices bought moderately sized practices. Hospitals raided private practices to eliminate competition from specialists who were in private practice but utilized the hospital’s facilities. Hospitals began merging with other hospitals. Large national hospital groups began rapidly adding specialty hospitals to optimize their “portfolio.”

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