10 Questions Physicians Must Ask When Considering A Counter-Offer

Posted by Dawn Pascale 31, October, 2018

You’re coming down the home stretch. You’ve received an excellent offer for a new job opportunity, and it’s time to tender your resignation. Assuredly, you walk into your current administrator’s office to give notice, expecting a moment of panic and perhaps a brief handshake wishing you well. What you didn’t expect was an implausible counter-offer. Now what?! Pundits say the best way to handle a counter-offer is to decline it. We feel it’s not always that black and white. Career decisions are complex, not simple, and it’s impossible to make the right one with imperfect information or unclear guidelines.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Changing Jobs as a Physician

Posted by Rebecca Hayward 24, October, 2018

A medical career, like the hit ABC drama, Grey’s Anatomy, is supposed to last forever right? You made the sacrifices, and put in the time and toil to become a successful physician. And yet lately, you may find yourself feeling slightly wistful over – or even downright envious of – the perceived freedom and joie de vivre exhibited by the food truck vendor who sells you lunch every Tuesday and Thursday outside your hospital or medical practice. Or the 22-year-old internet millionaire whose “office” consists of his couch and an Instagram account.

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