Tips for Successful Healthcare Recruiting


  • Anticipate shortage cycles and plan ahead.  Physicians and nursing jobs are one of the fastest growing occupations in the country.  Any health care entitiy recruiting doctors or advanced practice professionals know how many applicants are out there competing for a spot. Create hiring action plans sooner than later.  Furthermore, if you have a lengthy process for interviewing and selecting candidates for a position, then it may be time to revamp your recruiting procedures.
  • Give a complete description of the position - The more information MedSource Consultants can provide to prospective candidates, the most interested they will be in your position; it also helps us qualify the candidates being sent to your organization. Beyond the job description, additional information provided on the community, its schools, local attractions, and other amenities are very helpful.

  • Include a rough compensation level -Compensation is a negotiable aspect of practitioner placement contingent on training, experience, certifications, and available resources and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. However, providing your recruiter with a compensation range will assist us in answering the inevitable question, "What are they offering?"

  • Are additional benefits available? - Your location may qualify for federal and/or state loan repayment. Some clients include signing bonuses for the right candidate. Some offer to pay off school loans and, in return, the candidate offers to stay for a lengthier term. Think about your options and ask us for suggestions.  

  • Actively interview various candidates - It is in your facility's best interest to consider various candidates as prospects are generally looking at multiple opportunities. This approach affords you the chance to select from several qualified candidates and gives you some alternatives.  

  • Provide timely feedback - Feedback on the CVs or Resumes you receive allows us to be courteous to the candidates you forego, tactfully telling them that there is no interest, and further indicates what sort of candidates you are ultimately interested in. This way, we can provide you with more job-specific CV's, consequently increasing the odds of finding the ideal candidate for your opportunity. Feedback on the interviews works much in the same way. You can expect timely feedback from your recruiter so your facility can make appropriate and prompt decisions.  

  • Provide interview itineraries & directions - An itinerary gives the practitioner candidate something to look forward to and prepare for and it also prepares you. An interview can be as simple as a 2-hour visit with the hiring entity or a full day's interview with the entire staff. Possibilities include meeting with key medical and ancillary staff, administrators, and program directors. Lunch or dinner is customary. Many organizations include real estate tours in their interviews.

  • Use us to help you - We assist in everything from facilitating a phone interview between the client and practitioner to negotiating the contract. We have a great deal of experience in these areas and have many suggestions on how to overcome obstacles.  

  • Don't prolong the process - Certainly, no rushed decisions should be made, but keep in mind that the practitioners you are interviewing are frequently presented other opportunities as well as being pursued by many prospective employers. Once the decision is made by to proceed, expedite the process and put deadlines on contract offerings.


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