Sample Physician CV

Generally, your curriculum vitae (C.V.) is the first contact you may have with a prospective employer. Therefore, you want a C.V. that imparts information about your educational and professional qualifications and achievements. Strive for a CV that establishes a favorable image in the mind of the reader. It should emphasize your areas of strength and create an interest about you sufficient to result in a personal interview. Make your C.V. work for you. 

Generally accepted is a two-to-four page C.V. that communicates the essential background details necessary. An acceptable format includes contact information, educational background, employment experience, professional affiliations and honors, publications, presentations and other activities, personal data, languages and a list of reference names and numbers.  

Stay chronologically consistent, leave NO gaps in your employment history and distinguish between temporary, part-time and full time work.   Bear in mind that your C.V. is your "endorsement" for an interview. 

Finally - review and revise the document. As important as the information provided, your C.V. should be edited for proper grammar, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation. To further convey your professional image to the reader, use quality paper, ink, and equipment. Inferior materials or illegible photocopies say to the reader, "You are not important to me." Produce a document with impact.

Sample Physician CV